The Buddhist Sangha «Maha Prajna Paramita» officialy registered in 2007 and it actively operates for the benefit of increasing spirituality of the whole world, country and every living being. It is, in fact, a national of Zen in Ukraine, following the instructions of Buddha’s Teachings (Dharma) to adapt under appropriate conditions and culture.
In our community, referring to the Sudden Enlightenment School, there is a direct line of Dharma transmission from the ancient and contemporary masters: Won Myong Sunim, Karmapa, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, the patrol Rinpoche (Nyingma school), Wu Bong. The methods of Bodhidharma, Hueynena, Lin-chi, Matsu are being practiced.
At the present stage this school has absorbed, as it could, techniques of five Chan houses:  the Gui Yang , the Lin-Zhi, the Dong Cao, the Yun-Man, the Fa-Yang.
The Lotus Sutra is being practiced actively (with blessing of Dzyunsey Terasawa Sunim), as well as a state of pure presence, clear state of mind, techniques: Buddhism Qigong (Master Feng dashi), Ba-gua (Master Liu Guanlan) and healing, Kung Fu.

School goals: liberation of all living beings from suffering  and bringing them to the highest unsurpassed enlightenment, to Annutara Samyak Sambodhi.

The main tasks are implemented in accordance with the purpose:

· Teaching methods of awakening original holistic nature;

· Methods of increased consciousness, mindfulness;

· Cultural development;

· Creating optimal conditions for personal and spiritual growth;

· Development and strengthening of spiritual and cultural improvement of the Buddhist organizations all over the world, promotion of Buddha teachings.

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