Wu Bong Soen Sa Nim

Wu Bong Soen Sa Nim — is the Leading Teacher for the big number Zen Centers in Europe and the Senior Master at the European School Zen «Kwan Um».

Wu Bong Soen Sa Nim (Jacob Perl) was born in 1950 in Poland and still the child has emigrated with parents to the USA. He was 20 when his first acquaintance to the Buddhism has occurred.Before he has met the Zen Master Seung Sahn and became its first student in America in 1972, Wu Bong Soen Sa Nim practised with Shunryu Suzuki in the Zen Center of San Francisco and year of practice has devoted to employment with Tarthang Tulku in meditation centre of Tibetan school Ningma in Berkeley (California). In 1978 he helps Zen Master Sung to the Dignity with creation Polish Zen Center of School «Kwan Um». In 1984 it receives «inka» and starts to give the Doctrine in the USA and Europe. In 1993 Wu Bong Soen Sa Nim receives Dharma transmission.

Zen Master Wu Bong has the university diploma in mathematics and worked in several firms as the engineer and the manager. He has the fourth dan in the Korean style of fencing Shim Gum Do and trained in this art. Zen Master Wu Bong is married with two children. Wu Bong Soen Sa Nim is the leading teacher in many zens-centres of Europe, USA and the main teacher at the European School Zen «Kwan Um».

Zen Master Wu Bong repeatedly visited St.-Petersburg and spent three-day retreat in Dacan «Gunzechoyney», in the zen-centre on the Levashovsky prospectus, in Pavlovsk. Zen Master Wu Bong is the leading teacher of the zen-centre in St.-Petersburg. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 he has visited Donetsk and has held there three-day retreats. In 2010 he has visited Kyiv and has held there open lecture and miniretreat. He visited Donetsk in 2011 and 2012 and held miniretreats.

He has gone from the world in 17.04.2013 in the parisian zen-center because of a heart attack.

The Buddhist community «Mahaprajnaparamita» is holdind the practice «Namu Amita Bul» for 49 days due to the death of Zen Master Wu Bong.

Namu Amita Bul!